The Boost Your Business With Online Speaking

  • To reach a globule audience of business owners who are using speaking in their business to build trust, increase brand recognition and ultimately profit.
  • To introduce genuine experts who are using speaking successfully to grow their own business to a new global audience of potential customers.
  • To provide sound insight and learning to enable listeners to develop their speaking skills.
  • To create more online market leaders¬†helping people speak to the right audience in the right way to create impact insight and profit.

What you get

  • You will be included in our digital Virtual Summit events magazine...YES... at no extra cost for the whole year.
  • You will be the only person speaking on your specialist subject
  • Each speaker will be individually marketed with paid advertising on Facebook
  • You will receive a % of the participant subscription only a ¬£5 fee will be taken to cover addmin costs
  • Connect with other speakers in my Top Secrate Facebook Community
  • We will provide you with all the marketing graphics and copy
  • The opportunity to increase your buyers list with high value, pre-qualified leads
  • Powerfully reach thousands of experts and consultants who you never had connect with before all over the world who are ready for growth and to learn from our specially selected product creation experts
  • Be part of our massive online event with a multi-channeled marketing plan; Google+, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest
  • Join live events to increase engagement and build further brand awareness

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